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In our Portfolio you will find examples of completed cases Dana Bondoc has worked on over the last few years. We are extremely proud of our work in creating beautiful smiles with exceptional levels of customer service. There are some great videos featuring treated patients talking about their experience. To help you choose the right brace for you will also find unique patient experience testimonials by brace type. We hope you enjoy the videos.

Featured Patient Testimonials

See patient testimonials grouped by 5 brace type below: METAL BRACES, INCOGNITO, INVISALIGN, DAMON, CLEAR BRACES


Metal braces

Before having braces I was very insecure about my teeth and self-conscious about smiling in photos. My braces made a very dramatic difference very quickly. Coming to the orthodontist was pleasant and the environment was friendly. Since getting braces I am much happier with my teeth and a lot more confident. It did not take long to make a noticeable difference and I am very pleased with the result.


This patient was treated with metal braces.  Metal braces are the most commonly used braces. The option of being offered a new colour at each appointment makes this type of brace acceptable and fashionable today.

Check out Dana’s App called "Colour My Brace" to see all colour options. Follow this link to get to the App Store for downloading the app..

See more cases treated with metal braces below

Incognito Lingual Braces

Picture perfect

from day one.

Lingual 3-upW.png

Technology has improved to a point where we have lingual braces which are customised to each and every patient to ensure improved comfort levels, shorter treatment times and shorter chair times at the orthodontist. Lingual braces are so discrete no-one will know you are wearing braces unless you tell them.

The best thing about this brace is the feeling of new found self pride when brushing your teeth in the morning from noticing that your teeth look better than a few days before. You might say, "Finally, I get the teeth I want and no brace in sight".

Click here to find out about how to get Lingual braces


To get an idea of your planned end result ask your orthodontist about having a look at the plaster model setup. This plaster model setup showing the planned end result is only available if you have opted for Incognito Lingual Brace and only after your custom made brace has arrived from the Incognito lab in Germany.




be free from the brace

This patient was treated with Invisalign clear aligners which are are a series of clear removable aligners. To get Invisalign aligners you should expect a wait of 4-6 weeks. Click here to see the steps involved.

Invisalign is a computer generated orthodontic device that can be used to solve many dental related issues form the mildest problems to the most severe problems and can be used at any age between13 to 70 years old. It is comfortable and it is clear and when you wear it is very discrete.

A normal course of treatment may require 30 pairs of aligners. All pairs are slightly different and gradually shaped to push the teeth into the correct position. All pairs are numbered are meant to be worn in the right sequence from the first to the last. An accurate impression(moulds) is necessary at the beginning of the treatment. The movement and shape of the rest of the aligners is predicted with the help of CAD CAM technology. If you look closely at the any one aligner you can see the tell-tale signs of 3D printing (parallel lines) which is one other advanced technology used in their making.


Damon Braces

Smile like a Superstar!

My testimonial


I wasn’t confident when I didn’t have braces on and I wouldn’t smile as much with my teeth in pictures because I didn’t think they were very nice.  When I got my braces on, it took some getting used to but I did get used to them and after a while, it felt completely normal.  It didn’t hurt when I got them on either. Now that I’ve got my braces off, I feel a lot more confident and I’m so happy with my teeth! The service that I have received from Dr. Dana Bondoc was great and she really did a great job with my teeth. I feel a lot more confident! Thank you.


Damon patient before.jpg

This patient was treated with Damon 3MX which is metal looking brace for both upper and lower teeth. Usually there is no delay for fitting this type of brace. To find out more about metal braces go to www.damonbraces.com

Damon braces do not require coloured tie elastics because the brackets are fitted with gates which can opened and closed. This is done by the Orthodontist in order to change the wire. A wire change may take place several times during the course of the treatment. Although brace cannot be dressed with colourful elastics it is now available in clear.

Damon patient after.jpg


Clear Braces

A good reason to smile

Braces so light you forget they are there

This patient was treated with Clarity 3M ceramic braces which are strong yet comfortable. Usually there’s no delay for fitting this type of brace.

Ceramic braces are clear fixed braces, which are less visible than metal braces. The benefit of clear braces is that they blend in with the colour of your teeth to provide the illusion of invisibility. So, hurrah for clear braces which are so discrete, you'll forget you're wearing them.

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