Calculating Your Treatment Length

calculate your treatment length

How much longer is the most frequently asked question.  Dana has added a number of interactive chapter to the OrthoGuide app.  This is one of them.    Download the OrthoGuide app by following this link to the App store at:

Once you have downloaded the OrthoGuide app, look for the Patient Information tap in the main menu and once there click on the "Calculate Your Treatment Length Chapter.  Fist, add the start date of your treatment.  Second,  enter the initial time length estimate  given by your Orthodontist.  Also remember to add the number of missed appointments / cancellations and the number of breakages you have had so far.  Do expect your treatment to be longer than the initial estimate if you have had missed appointments or too many breakages.  The  new total time  estimate and months left will be instantly displayed.  This is indeed a useful tool. Check it out.