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We invite you to explore our site to become more familiar with the types of orthodontic treatment we offer and the practice locations where Dr Dana Bondoc works. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and begin your journey to achieving the beautiful smile you always wanted.

We offer a wide range of of treatments, from the smallest correction to complete smile makeovers, so that you can express yourself with confidence.

All orthodontic treatment is carried out by Dr Dana Bondoc who is a GDC registered specialist Orthodontist and a member of the British Orthodontic Society.  We are committed to providing you the highest levels of customer care using the most advanced techniques.

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Dana helps people get their smile back.  See Dana's Portfolio with before and after photos and patient testimonials which have been grouped by brace type. Here are some amazing mid treatment transformations.

Metal brace are fixed on the outside. 


Lingual braces are fitted on the inside which means they are virtually invisible. 


Clear braces are fixed on the outside and they are made from ceramic or plastic. 

Damon Braces are fixed on the outside and they are either made from metal or ceramic. 


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